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Pine Tree's Strawberry Patch

  Last day for the strawberry season will be July 14.
We will be closed from July 15 until Mid August when we open for apple season.
During apple season we will have fresh frozen strawberries from the 2019 crop for making jam and jelly and other frozen strawberry recipes .

Pick your own strawberries at Pine Tree Apple Orchard Pick Your Own Strawberries
Our patch is the place to pick for families and friends. We provide boxes for you at no charge. Always call ahead to find out if conditions are right for picking and our updated hours.

Picked for you strawberries at Pine Tree Apple Orchard Picked For You Strawberries
If you're not inclined to berry patch aerobics, you can still enjoy our fantastic fresh strawberries! Pine Tree's crew will pick them fresh for you to pick up at our main orchard location. Call ahead for berry availability.

Pick Your Own
Picked For You
Strawberry Recipes
 Sensory Friendly Information

Always call before coming:


Strawberry Bakery
When the strawberries are ready our strawberry bakery is too; with such delicacies as fresh Strawberry Pie, Strawberry-Rhubarb Rollovers, Strawberry Rhubarb Pie and many other treats you can't miss! Our bakery will be open every day during the strawberry season. Fresh strawberry pies are only available for a limited time. Call ahead to reserve yours at 651.429.7202.
Strawberry pie at Pine Tree Apple Orchard
Strawberries in August?

You can find this season's strawberries in the frozen section in the Main Barn.

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