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What's Growing at Pine Tree
Pine Tree Orchard takes growing apples very seriously. We are committed to growing high-quality fruit in an environmentally sustainable method. We are part of the Minnesota Grown Program and Minnesota Apple Growers Association.
Apples available in our salesroom
 that we have picked for you.
Apple availability can change quickly. 
If you are looking for a specific variety please call ahead for updates.
Please call 651.429.7202 before driving out. Harvest times are heavily dependent on weather conditions throughout the spring and summer.  Please check back in mid to late August for an estimated harvest update.

Please check back after August 25 for a 2022 Apple Harvest update.
 Dates that are listed to give you an estimate on variety harvest dates.
As apples ripen we will update this list.

Estimated Harvest:  August 25, 2022   Sold Out
The Duchess apple, also known as Duchess of Oldenburg, is a tart flavored apple ideal for cooking.

Whitney Crab 
Estimated Harvest: August 25, 2022     Sold Out
Whitney's are small, sweet, edible crabapples. They are mostly used for canning, preserving, pickling, and spicing.

First Kiss
Estimated Harvest: August 25, 2022  Sold Out
The First Kiss is similar to its parent the Honeycrisp in flavor and texture but ripens a month earlier.

Paula Red
Estimated Harvest: August 30, 2022   Sold Out 
Also known as the Arends apple, the Paula Red has a mildly sweet flavor. Its common uses include baking, sauces, or cider.

Estimated Harvest: August Not Available  Sold Out
The Beacon is a crisp, tart, juicy apple which is best used for baking.

Estimated Harvest: August 25, 2022  Sold Out
The Zestar, also known as the Minnewashta apple has a sweet tangy flavor. It's best known for fresh eating

Estimated Harvest: September 2, 2022    Sold Out
The Sweetango is the product of combining Honeycrisp and Zestar, resulting in a sweet yet tart and citric flavor. One of the top fresh eating Fall apples.

Dolgo Crab
Estimated Harvest:  September 3, 2022  Sold Out
The Dolgo is a unique crabapple variety, in that it is one of the few that pass for fresh eating. With a tart and juicy flavor, Dolgo's are preferred for fresh eating and making jelly.

Estimated Harvest: September 10, 2022  Sold Out
The Wealthy apple has a vinous flavor with fruity tones. Excellent for fresh eating or in desserts like pies, crisps, and sauces. It works well for cider too.

Chestnut Crab
Estimated Harvest: September 4, 2022  Sold Out
Chestnuts crabapples are a larger variety of crab with a rich and nutty flavor. Great for fresh eating and for use in making sauces.

Estimated Harvest: September 12, 2022  Sold Out 
What sets the McIntosh apple apart is its perfume-like aroma. It's an all-purpose apple meaning it's great for eating fresh, cooking, cider, and juice.

Virginia Crab
Call for Availability  Sold Out  
The Virginia Crabapple, also known as Hewe's Crab, is mainly used for cider production and adds a dry flavor to cider blends.

Estimated Harvest:   Not Available 2022  Sold Out
The Lakeland has a juicy, mildly acidic flavor. Although it can be considered an all-purpose apple, it's best used for pies and sauces.

Estimated Harvest: September 18, 2022  Sold Out
The Cortland is characterized by its sweet vinous flavor and it's slow to brown, making it a superb salad apple. Also great for any cooking.

Estimated Harvest: September 25, 2022 Sold Out
The Haralson has a complex tart flavor, primarily used for fresh eating and cooking. Haralson's are especially good for pie.

Estimated Harvest: September 27, 2022  Sold Out
The HoneyCrisp is known for it's well-balanced crisp and juicy flavor. A definite winner for fresh eating and salads.

Red Delicious (Cameo)
Estimated Harvest: October  30, 2022
The Red Delicious was bred to be shapelier and redder, hence the name. It has a crisp, sweet flavor when eaten fresh.

Estimated Harvest: October 8, 2022  Sold Out
The Regent is known for well-balanced flavor: light, sweet, and fruity. It's great for fresh eating and cooking.

Estimated Harvest:  Mid October Limited Supply  Sold Out
October 12 
The Fireside or Connell Red apple has a crisp, sweet, and juicy flavor. It's good for fresh eating, salad, and baked apples.

Golden Delicious 
Estimated Harvest:  Not Available
The Golden Delicious apple has a very sweet taste and a distinct yellowish-green skin. Its favorite uses are for salads, sauces, and apple butter.

Honey Gold
Estimated Harvest:  Mid October  Limited Supply  Sold Out
October 26, 2022
The Honey Gold is a cross between a Golden Delicious and a Haralson. The taste is very similar to the Golden Delicious which is very sweet and great for fresh eating.

Call for Availability--Mid October Limited Supply  Sold Out
The Snowsweet is a fairly new variety of apple with a sweet, slightly tart flavor and rich overtones. It's slow to brown as well, making it a perfect choice for fresh eating, snack trays, and salads.
Keepsake Apples-Limited supply call for availability Sold Out

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