Pine Tree's Own Apple Cider
Way back when fermented apple cider was the beverage of choice across the nation. Although it's typically not fermented today, regular apple cider still holds a special place in our hearts and for good reason too. Not only is cider delicious but it's good for you. According to the international Apple Institute, the pectin in apples helps keep cholesterol down. And cider is high in potassium and low in salt. It makes a delicious and healthful alternative to soft drinks.  Also available are cider licks, a frozen cider popsicle,  known at the Minnesota State Fair as cider freezes.
making apple cider in apple press

Bill Jacobson making apple cider

Bill Jacobson's special blending of sweet and tart juices, no sugar added, makes Pine Tree Orchard's cider special. Squeezed fresh and pasteurized it's available in a 12 oz, half gallon and full gallon containers.
And, don't forget how good hot cider is on chilly fall and winter evenings. Stock up - you may freeze it if the container has about a cup's worth of space for expansion.

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