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Picked For You Strawberries FAQ
Can I reserve picked strawberries if I call ahead?  At this time no prepicked strawberries are available.
Please check back later in the week  for Ready Picked Strawberry information.   All picked strawberries, including large orders, are subject to strawberry availability and weather dependent.

Where do I go to get picked for you strawberries?
Picked for you strawberries can be purchased at our main orchard salesroom. Please check first for availability.  Need directions?

How are the picked for you strawberries sold?
Our picked for you strawberries are sold by the pound and come in a variety of different container sizes. We have a 1 lb, 2 lbs and a box that varies from 3- 4 lbs. All are subject to availability and not all sizes are available every day.

What else can you do at the picked for you location?
Besides purchasing our fresh picked strawberries, you can also purchase our freshly baked bakery products and frozen bakery products.

How much are your strawberries?
Picked for you strawberries are sold at a per pound price of  $5.49 (2023).  If you pick your own, they are $3.25 per pound (2023). 

How long are you open for the strawberry season?
We open in mid-June and the season typically runs for 3 - 4 weeks, weather permitting.

Are there picked for you strawberries available in the pick your own fields?

At this time there are not. You must go to the main orchard salesroom to purchase picked for you strawberries.

What type of payment do you accept?
At the picked for you location - our main salesroom - we prefer credit cards, Visa or MasterCard.