Pick Your Own Strawberries 
Strawberry season closed July 1.
Strawberry season is estimated to be about 3 weeks. The pick your own field hours are always weather permitting. Please call ahead to avoid a fruitless trip - 651.429.8026 .
Pick your own strawberries at Pine Tree Apple Orchard

In the pick your own fields, we provide you with a complimentary picking containers and make the experience educational by showing you the proper way to pick strawberries. 

Strawberry math, tips for berry measurements
It is difficult to give specific measurements for berries because the sizes determine how many fit into a pint or a cup. A cup of large berries will contain fewer berries than a cup of smaller berries. You should always measure frozen berries frozen, as thawed ones become soft and pack down. Below is a conversion table with some typical measurements.

How to Handle Strawberries
  • Strawberries can become faint from overcrowding, so when you get home, spread the berries on a tray giving them enough air.
  • Discard any spoiled strawberries.
  • Always store in the refrigerator.
  • To maintain freshness, keep the stems and tops on the strawberries.
  • Do not rinse strawberries until you are ready to use them.
  • Rinse strawberries in cold water very briefly. Drain in a roomy colander and spread them on paper towels to air-dry out of the sun.

Check out our tips on how to freeze your freshly picked strawberries.